Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trip to Arkansas on the VTX

 Man... I missed it up there!  Used to go 6-8 times a year, and haven't been up there since BBB back in fall of '09!

Left Friday morning from my place in Allen, and headed over to Greenville to meet my cousin and his friend (Harley riders).  Was 59 in the morning when I left.  
Packed for the trip
Took some semi-back roads up to Fayetteville, AR... logged 353.5 miles up.  Weather was perfect!
Went out about 8:30am Saturday morning to hit the great roads in the area.  Got back about 5pm and logged exactly 300.0 miles.  Some great stops along the way... including lunch overlooking the "grand canyon of the Ozarks" at the Cliff House Inn Restaurant.
Stopped for some great homemade pie in the afternoon at the Oark General Store (established 1890).
My cousin and his friend left Sunday morning to head back to D/FW... but I stayed and did 90 miles in the morning taking the twisties over to Clarksville, AR.  An ex-business partner lives out there and I was staying with him and another friend that was up visiting on Sunday.
Thanks to the adventure rider on the BMW F800GS with hard bags for letting me pass on 16 in the twisties just before 21 about 9:45 this morning in Arkansas. I was on the cruiser with soft saddlebags and a seat bag 
Relaxed at my friends for a couple hours, then we headed out again and logged another 180 miles in the afternoon.  Me on the VTX, Albie on his KTM 690SM (supermoto), and Todd on his Kawaski Versys.  I kept up well most of the time, but those 10-20 mph curves would slow me down a lot more then them  :
I ended up leaving my camera at a gas stop on Sunday... so instead of heading back first thing Monday, we took a scenic ride (woop!) back to get it.  Another 150 miles logged before loading up to come home to D/FW. 


1. Oz said...

Good photos. Never stopped at the Cliff House Inn, might have to next time up that way. What a great weekend.

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