Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally swapped rear wheel/tire

As mentioned in previous blog entries... I've already converted the front wheel from the factory S model (spokes and tubes) to the C model front wheel.  I've had the new R model rear wheel for a month or so, and got a new Metzler ME880 to put on a few weeks ago.  With all the rain here the past 2 weeks, I haven't ridden the bike to the office to do the swap.

Well, today is very overcast, but not supposed to rain until 3pm or so this afternoon... so I rode in to finally get it swapped out.  If the weather holds out, I'm riding out to East Texas Burger Co. in Mineola tomorrow and I wanted to use that ride as a break-in ride for the new tire before next weeks trip to AR.

Swap was fairly easy, but with the weight of the wheel/tire combination it's definately easiest with 2 people (thanks Albie).  Getting to the axle nut and other bolts is a little tricky with the exhaust and saddlebags in the way, but not terrible.  Swap took about 1 hour including having to move the rotor over from the old wheel to the new one.



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