Friday, September 04, 2009

New Driving Lights & Custom brackets

It's been proven that having auxiliary driving lights helps other cars on the road see you better and they perceive you as a "larger" vehicle vs a regular motorcyclist.

Like many others, it's hard to give in and spend $250-350 for an aftermarket light bar and lights.  A common less expensive option is to use a 12v halogen 50w light kit from Wal-Mart which can be had for ~$15.  The problem then is mounting the kit on the bike.  With the help of my friend Bob, we machined up some simple to use brackets that look good and don't detract from the look of the bike or clamp onto the forks.  Bolt them up using 2 stock bolts on the factory signal light bar and they are ready to mount the aftermarket lights.

Most bikes also have an extra plug inside the headlight assembly for a lightbar.  I tapped into that harness and ran those leads to a relay which control the driving lights and allow you to run full power lights by wiring them directly to the battery.  The relay simply acts as the switch from the factory wiring.  When your high-beams are on, the driving lights go off.

More Pictures are here.


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