Friday, August 28, 2009

Speedometer/Odometer accuracy

Like most motorcycles... the speedometer on the VTX is off.  However, rather then the typical 5% or so, it is 9.9% off.  This prompted me to do some additional testing of the odometer as well.  After a few rides it was determined that the odometer is 5.3% off as well!  So the bike has less miles on it then the odometer claims. 


Today, at 9770 miles (9253 corrected miles),  I installed a solution... the SpeedoHealer by HealTech Electronics.  Found a real good deal from someone selling one on the VTX forum.

Just got back from a test ride and the odometer is right on with my GPS reference!  The speedometer is now only off about 4% or so, which is certainlly tolerable.  At an indicated 65 mph, the GPS is claiming 63 mph.  At indicated 80 mph, 77 mph.


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