Friday, July 31, 2009

Front wheel swap

I have come to appreciate the retro look of the VTX S model vs the C model (what I got vs what I was originally looking for).  However, I'm a little leary of having to deal with tubes if problems arrise on trips, etc.   I picked up a C model front wheel to test out how I like it on the bike.  The S/R model front wheel (what I had) was a 17" x 3.5" wheel with a 140/80-17 tire.  

Now, I could have bought an R wheel, which is the same size as the S wheel, but without spokes (or tubes of course).  However, that wheel is about 80-85% solid, and I prefer not to deal with that solid a wheel in wind, etc.  The C model wheel is a more open (and imo more attractive) design and is 19" x 2.15" and runs a 110/90-19 tire.  This should also improve handling.

All the spacers, etc are the same size between all the models (thank goodness Honda was smart!), so I just swapped over the rotor, spacers and dust caps to the "new" wheel and tossed it on.  

Here is a picture of the 2 wheels side by side, and a shot of the bike with the new wheel.   If I end up liking this setup after a few rides (as I'm sure I will), I will acquire a matching rear wheel as well (same size between all models, just no spokes/tubes).



More Pictures are here as well.


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