Saturday, July 18, 2009

Maintenance, etc.

Well, it was a touch "cooler" (not 104)  here yesterday (Friday) so I decided to take the bike to work on do some maintenance and other stuff I wanted to do. The bike now has ~8600 miles on it.  Tossed the bike up on the jack and started.

1) first up was an oil change. New K&N oil filter and Mobil1 15w50 oil.

2) New plugs. Went with the intention on using the factory NGK's, but they were not in stock so I went with the Champion 810's. Set the gap and swapped em out.

3) Pulled the air cleaner and gave the K&N a good cleaning and fresh oil

4) Had planned on pulling the carbs and giving them a once over, and also double checking the jetting. But ran out of time with other stuff I had going on as well. This will be done next time

5) Had also planned on checking the valves, but again, ran out of time today. Will do next "cool" day

6) Did a quick wipe down of key areas with Original Bike Spirits (old spray Honda Polish).

I also worked on swapping out the Cobra brackets and passenger backrest to the Honda Tall backrest and brackets.  However, it didn't come with any spacers, which appear to be required.  So, I have a friend (thanks Bob!) working on machining me some spacers.  So for now... no passenger backrest, but did put the bags back on.



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