Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lack of blog entries & AR trip

Been slacking on my Blog entries here again.  One reason is it's been pretty darn hot so far this June, and we had quite a bit of rain, etc in May.  Busy on most weekends which has kept me from quite a few Arkansas trips and Track days.

However, I was able to make an Arkansas trip this past weekend.  We stayed up in Eurkea Springs with plans to ride the AR side on Friday, and the MO side on Saturday.  Day started off nice (although highs of 91) hitting some of the regular great roads.  Here is some video of me on AR-123 following Albie on his KTM 690E Supermoto.  I posted a few other random pictures up also.

As I said... day started out good.  We were in the tight section of 123 (10mph downhill turns), and I came around one of them and at the exi of the turn was "tree gravel".  You know, the stuff the logging trucks drop.  Real fine pieces of trees, etc.  Anyhow... I wasn't going fast, but was obviouslly still in a lean, and the bike decided to let go... down I went.  Bike ended up bouncing off the guardrail at the exit of the turn, which ended up also putting a gash in the edge of the tire (can't ride it back now), and also killing the tail light.

I guess after 40K+ miles it was time, right?  Here are some pictures of the aftermath.   Major damage was the tire, tail light, left rearset and the left upper fairing.  So... sat on the side of the mountain for 3+ hours while Albie went back to get the truck. 



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