Monday, September 25, 2006

Dual Sport ride at Lake Lavon

Albie, Todd and I decided to go explore Lake Lavon.  With the levels so low, there was bound to be some good riding out there.  Weather was great!

Got out there and ran into 3 other guys riding which lived near the lake and knew some of the good riding spots, so we followed them around.  Albie ended up getting stuck and going down in some mud (didn't look bad as we were riding, but it stopped him.)  3 of us were able to pull his bike out, and we continued on.  Was definately fun, and alot better then riding on dirt roads.  They split off for lunch, and Todd headed home, so Albie and I hit the gas station and got some food, then headed back out to the lake.

As we rode around, I ended up getting stuck in another section in clay/mud.  So bad, that Albie and I couldn't pull it out.  We called my friend Brick out (thanks!) with his F250 Diesel 4x4.  Sadly, about 20 feet from my bike, he buried his front tires and got stuck too!  The ground felt solid to us, but I guess a big heavy Diesel truck is alot different then a few of us.  Regardless, the 3 of us were able to wrestle my bike out of the muck.  Then, 3 hours, a Toyota T100, a 40hp tractor, a Tow truck and $300 later... we got his truck out too. <phew>

Pictures are here


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