Saturday, September 16, 2006

TSBA SaMR,etc.

With Steve from TSBA having his big party Saturday night, we all decided to do a SaMR (Saturday Morning Ride) instead of on Sunday. 

Since I was already long overdue on an oil change (bike is at 10,460 miles now), I changed the oil (Honda HP4 as always) and oil filter Friday evening.  A few TSBA'ers came by to hang out after I finished, and we ended up going to Cheddar's for dinner.

This morning, we met up at 8am for our SaMR and took off.  Weather was overcast most of the ride, but humid.  Still not too bad.  Had 12 riders I believe, and did about 200 miles.

Here are some pictures I took, and here is the Motionbased GPS Log/Map.


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