Sunday, September 03, 2006

Broken Bow Dual Sport Trip - Day 2

Another good day of riding, and great weather.  Route we followed had a few issues, but we found ways around the problem areas.  Only one time were we basically completely off any road.  Seems the road existed at one point, but not anymore.  We forged through the growth for about 1/2 mile and finally hit a road.

We stopped in Mena for lunch... was going to hit The Lodge, but figured it would be really crowded.  Just over 200 miles today.

Update:  I forgot to mention this originally.  We did run across a few groups of deer over the past two days, as well as quite a few cows.  Luckilly, no problems at all.  Even ran across some wild turkey and dogs... but today was the capper:  Ran across a bear!  Coming up on him on the trail I first thought it was a cow... but as I got closer it was obvious he was a bear. 

Here are the pictures, and here is the Motionbased GPS Map/Log


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