Monday, July 13, 2009

Scala Q2 Multiset - Bluetooth communications

Found a real good deal on a Scala Q2 Multiset and picked it up last week.

Set it up on my HJC AC-12 helmet and it's working quite well.  Used it on a few rides interfaced to my mobile phone and I've been pretty impressed.  I can hear conversations very well, even with earplugs in (just adjust the volume).  People seem to be able to hear me well as well with virtually no complaints.

We haven't gotten Marty's new helmet in yet, so testing the driver to passenger communications part hasn't been done yet, but I have to assume it will work as well or better then the mobile phone functionality. 


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Video Camera's

Seems I forgot to make a post about this. Last year Ipicked up one of the GoPro cameras to play with for use on the bikes and even in the cars. It came with a very nice suction cup mount and some other options for mounting as well. However, the lack of any screen for reviewing video or even seeing what you are currently recording was a very weak link on the unit. It has a tiny little view finder, but it's like an old 110 camera view finder. Also, there is only a little LEDthat blinks in the view...

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Riding and Other News

02/29/2008: Sold the F4!  Yup... I loved the bike, and it was a lot more comfortable then the new RR, but it was time to let it go.  Put it up on Craigs List, and had quite a bit of interest in the 2 days it was listed.  Hope the new owner enjoys it!

02/24/2008: I lead a ride with a few others last Sunday.  Weather was a little cool in the morning (50's), but got up to mid 60's on the return.  About 160 miles with a stop for lunch.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow! Way behind

Sorry... WAY behind here! Let's see if I can recall missing entries.Back in November '07 TSBA had a dyno day over at Deans at MetricTech in Mckinney. Great time and good weather. The new 600RR dyno'd at 97hp to the rear wheel. Not a bad number to start with. I took the RR home, and picked up the DRZ so I could dyno it as well. Pulling in the parking lot, do a little SM wheelie over the speed bump... set it down, and the throttle drug (or stuck?) and I took off again... thought I got it under control,...

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Importance of proper riding gear!

06/07: Thursday night, the DFWSBR group met up at Duke's in Addison for dinner. Great turnout and good conversation out on the deck. Even though it was hot! About 9:15pm, we all geared up to head down to Greenville. Since there were a lot of us, I headed to the back parking lot to just help us get spread out. When everyone else was ready, they started to roll out, but via a different direction. I headed around the back lot to follow them, and before I knew it... my CBR was sliding about 10 ft...

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Updates: Catching up

Sorry, been doing it again! Haven't had the time to update, but still keeping busy.On March 25th, MetrichTech had the TSBA group out for a Dyno day, which was nice.On April 4th, I finally got around to installing the new 4.25 gallon Acerbis tank on my DRZ. Tank is quite nice, and install went pretty smooth. Thanks Albie for helping out. I went ahead and installed the manual cam chain tensioner (MCCT) while I had the tank off too.Let's see, back on March 17th I noticed the need for a DFW Sport...

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Few updates

Been on a few rides, just not documenting them all :)TSBA has a group ride tomorrow which is a memorial ride for Darren, a member that was killied last year this March. Great guy, a good rider,and was wearing his normal 1-piece leather suit and all his other gear. Crap happens, so be safe!In other news, I sold my Kawasaki KDX200 today. I did love that bike, but my body couldn't take that kind of riding. Damn knees! Weather is getting nice, so rides will increase!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Got a new bike!

Many members of the local TSBA chapter ride both sport and dirt, and have got me interested in doing some dirt riding.  Been about 20 years, but what the heck!

I was told by a few key members to look for a Kawasaki KDX if I could find one, as it would be a perfect fit for me and their style of riding.  After looking for a few weeks, I only had luck finding YZ's, so I posted up on the TSBA forum asking if anyone had one for sale.  I had two responses, and one of them was for a 2003 KDX  (Thanks Ben!)

So, now I'm a happy owner of a KDX 200, which already has just about all the upgrades you'd want on a KDX already done.  I also got an aluminum stand, oils, air filter cleaner, gas can, new set of tires, stock fenders, and more as part of the deal.  Here are some pictures.

Of course... I had to hit CycleGear and pickup the needed dirt gear as well, and luckilly had my 15% off coupon from TSBA.   Picked up some Oneal pants, Oneal shirt, Scott goggles, helmet and gloves.  Also ordered a pair of the EVS Vision knee braces.

With any luck... I might try and take the bike out tomorrow to get acclimated to it, since I don't think I can ride this weekend.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Cold Weather Gear

Well, with the colder weather finally coming to the Dallas area, it's getting harder to stay warm riding.  I picked up a Fieldsheer Highland 1-piece suit and some Tourmaster Cortech Polar-Tex gloves.  The suit is normally around $270-300, but I picked up the suit from a pal for ~$200, and it's the special order red/black, vs black/gray.  The gloves were ~$50.

So far so good... but only rode in about 42 degree temps so far.  I'll make a follow up post when I try the low to mid 30's

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sidi Racing Boots

I haven't been able to decide what boots to get, but had really liked the Sidi Vertebra 2's for the money.  Well, with this Arkansas trip coming up I decided I really needed to make a decision and get some boots.

Luckilly, one of the guys from the TSBA saw that I was looking for boots, and it just so happened that his brother had a pair of the Vertebra 2 Air's for sale that he's only worn about 3 times.  Brand new condition, and my size!

I met up with him today, tried them on, and made the buy.  $255 seems to be the common price for them, and I picked them up for $180.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Luggage

It seems I missed a Blog entry!  With the upcoming ride to Arkansas (~1500 mile trip), I figured I needed some luggage for the trip.

I had some specific requirements in mind, which I won't bother going into, when I was looking at various pieces.  I decided on the

Nelson Rigg Fibertech Sport Luggage for my tail bag and side bags. 


No one had these in stock to really see in person, and since I wasn't really sure if I'd need the side bags or not, I decided to order both the expandable tail bag (EXP-200) and the expandable saddle bags (SSB-500).  I figured I could always return or sell the saddle bags on Ebay if I didn't really need them. 

The pricing and quality on the stuff is really nice, and I'm quite impressed so far.  Here are some pictures on my F4.  I know it's not for everyone, but should allow me to carry everything I need for any trips I do.  It's not like I have to leave them on the bike all the time!

I also picked up a Joe Rocket Blaster tank bag.  I wanted something that was fairly slim (this is 3", or 6" expanded), which could also carry something a tad bigger then 8.5 x 11.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nelson Rigg Bike Cover

With the heat and sun here in the Dallas area, I really needed a bike cover.  Especially for at work.  Got the Nelson Rigg UV2000 1/2 cover in.  Wanted something that wasn't too big, was easy/quick to put on, etc.  For $35, so far so good.

Here are some pictures

Friday, August 19, 2005

New 2-piece Leathers

Well, I currently have an Icon TiMax textile jacket for summer riding here in Dallas.  I had planned on getting a leather jacket for the cooler months.

I have also planned on doing some track days.  Leather rental is between $70-100 per event, so I looked at leathers too.  Seems any of the "good" ones are in the $600-1000 range.

CycleGear had a deal going for the Frank Thomas Strike 2-piece set, where if you buy the jacket for $299, you get the pants for only $100.  Not a bad deal, especially since I can use the jacket separately on the street.  And even if the suit saves me once on the track, I'm happy for the money spent.

CycleGear had a sale last night, 10% off any deals... so I picked up both pieces (they had my sizes in stock!) for only $360.