Monday, September 25, 2006

Dual Sport ride at Lake Lavon

Albie, Todd and I decided to go explore Lake Lavon.  With the levels so low, there was bound to be some good riding out there.  Weather was great!

Got out there and ran into 3 other guys riding which lived near the lake and knew some of the good riding spots, so we followed them around.  Albie ended up getting stuck and going down in some mud (didn't look bad as we were riding, but it stopped him.)  3 of us were able to pull his bike out, and we continued on.  Was definately fun, and alot better then riding on dirt roads.  They split off for lunch, and Todd headed home, so Albie and I hit the gas station and got some food, then headed back out to the lake.

As we rode around, I ended up getting stuck in another section in clay/mud.  So bad, that Albie and I couldn't pull it out.  We called my friend Brick out (thanks!) with his F250 Diesel 4x4.  Sadly, about 20 feet from my bike, he buried his front tires and got stuck too!  The ground felt solid to us, but I guess a big heavy Diesel truck is alot different then a few of us.  Regardless, the 3 of us were able to wrestle my bike out of the muck.  Then, 3 hours, a Toyota T100, a 40hp tractor, a Tow truck and $300 later... we got his truck out too. <phew>

Pictures are here

Sunday, September 17, 2006

TWT Dual Sport Ride

About 15 of us from TWT planned on getting together today to do a local Dual Sport ride.   We've had no rain forever and are in a Stage 3 water shortage... and what happens starting at 4am this morning?  Major downpour.

7 of us decide to brave it and go anyhow once the rain stopped, although we did start about 1.5 hours later then we originally planned.  We took off up Coit, and hit the first section of dirt road.  However, it wasn't gravel etc, but a very watery clay dirt.  I was leading, and was sliding quite a bit, but made it through to the next road.  Meanwhile... we had a casualty behind me I couldn't see.  Long story short, most of us were carrying a lot more weight on our bikes (packed clay/mud) and a few lay downs after trying to help each other out. 

After 2.5 hours, we had only gone 9 miles.  However, we were able to get the BMW GS up and back on the road (after 3 falls, 2 broken lights and a broken fuel injection controller?).  The rest of us wandered over to Chili's for lunch right about the time the rain started again.  Afterwards, we all just went home.

Not what we expected... but definately a DS Adventure.  Here are some pictures.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chapparal Trail / Paris DS Ride

Todd and I decided to head out and try and find the Chapparal Trail and hit Paris for lunch.  We did find the trail start (thanks to some TWT members), and headed up it. 

Once we got past Wolf City, it started to get harder to follow, but we were able to make it to Ben Franklin.  The area between the two was a little hard going, and we had to go through 2 fences that people had put up (neither were marked private property, etc).   We marched through Ben Franklin, going over/around some tricky stuff, included a 60' or so long train bridge, only to end up hitting another fence, which was marked Private Property, keep out.  So, we turned around and went back to the nearest county road, and just headed over to Paris for lunch.

Pictures are here,  the Motionbased GPS Map/Log is here, and the .GPX Track file is here.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Broken Bow Dual Sport Trip - Day 2

Another good day of riding, and great weather.  Route we followed had a few issues, but we found ways around the problem areas.  Only one time were we basically completely off any road.  Seems the road existed at one point, but not anymore.  We forged through the growth for about 1/2 mile and finally hit a road.

We stopped in Mena for lunch... was going to hit The Lodge, but figured it would be really crowded.  Just over 200 miles today.

Update:  I forgot to mention this originally.  We did run across a few groups of deer over the past two days, as well as quite a few cows.  Luckilly, no problems at all.  Even ran across some wild turkey and dogs... but today was the capper:  Ran across a bear!  Coming up on him on the trail I first thought it was a cow... but as I got closer it was obvious he was a bear. 

Here are the pictures, and here is the Motionbased GPS Map/Log

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Broken Bow Dual Sport Trip - Day 1

Albie and I headed up to Broken Bow for some Dual Sport riding for the weekend.  Today was our first day out.  Good day, weather was great, and a good route.

Pictures are here and here is the Motionbased GPS Map/Log

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Riding at RRMT

Second time up to RRMT.  Bigger group from TSBA this time, partially because Darren (Hammer) is leaving to head back to the Great White North soon.  Justin came by, and we loaded up his bike, etc and headed up a bit after 8am.   Most of the others got to the park before 9am, but we arrived about 10am.  Got warm today, but riding and company was good, as usual! 

Got a little help with a throttle cable problem while out there, which was most helpful.  I also went looking for a few people from, but didn't find 'em in my short quest.

A few pictures are here.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

First time to RRMT

Well, Darren (Hammer) from TSBA and I loaded up and headed out to RRMT (Red River Motorcycle Trails) today for my first time out on the new bike (KDX 200).  Thanks Darren!

He was nice enough to give me some pointers (quite a bit different then riding street, now that I'm more used to that), and lead me on a few trail rides on some easier trails.   I did end up going down fairly good on my knee (had surgery on both knees, so they bother me at times anyhow), but was able to walk it off eventually and get back on the bike.  However, I did ride a bit tamer the rest of the day, mostly on my own.  That way Darren and the others could ride the better trails they wanted to ride.

Many of the trails were wet from the recent rain, but overall the weather was perfect today.  Somewhat overcast, and not too warm.  

Pictures are here.