Monday, September 21, 2015

Time for front Brake Pads

Yes, not many updates in a while.  Haven't been riding near as much past few years...

Was planning on helping lead a ride this past Labor Day, but when I was pulling the VTX out of the garage, I was hearing some odd noises.  Lay on the ground and look at the front brake pads... not much to see!

Forward to today, and I finally made some time to put a new set of pads on.  Only took about 20 minutes, so a pretty easy job on the bike.  19,484 miles so it was time.


Not many tools needed, and can do it with the bike on the ground which is nice.

Old pads vs new pads

Not much of anything left of the old pads


Done... did a test ride around the neighborhood to seat the pads and all was well