Thursday, April 08, 2010

New Battery

Went to take the RR out a few weeks ago and it just "clicked" when trying to start it.  Put the bike on the trickle charger for a week or so, went to start it again... same thing.  So, time for a battery.  After my previous experience with bike batteries, I decided to order one online rather then get one locally (I did this last time for the DRZ also).  Got a YTZ10S 12v AGM Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery 12V 8.6AH for $58.00 from

The battery arrived yesterday and 15 minutes later it was swapped out and the bike was off and running.

Wow... missing entries

Guess I haven't been good on keeping this up during the winter....  A few more rides and events done, but now with Spring here more will be happening and I'll try and keep this more updated!

After blowing the motor in the DRZ last year I've been slowly parting out the bike.  Got most of my money out of it, but still have probably $1K worth of parts remaining (assuming of course I can get that much for the parts).  Takes time, but with Spring here I'm hoping to get some good results.