Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bikes, Blues & BBQ 2009

Marty and I went out to BBB 2009 held out in Fayetteville, AR. Went out with my cousin Fred and his wife and some of his friends. This was our first cruiser ride together beyond a few local 70-80 mile rides.We loaded up and trailered out on Thursday... got there and rode around town a bit, etc. Went down to the main strip and checked out the action and some of the vendors, etc. Wasn't that busy which was nice. Pictures from ThursdayFriday we did about a 150 mile ride stopping for about 2 hours...

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Tank Graphics

Wanted to get these done before the BBB trip and tonight's CMA Unity Meeting.   Wanted to do something that would match the front fender graphic wrap I did, so I worked up the graphics below and had some time to get them done and installed today.

Saturday 9/19 Ride

It finally let up a bit here in DFW on the rain and allowed me to get out and ride a little!

Todd and I rode out to Mineola to meet cousin Fred and his friend John out at East Texas Burger Company for some lunch.  Overcast most of the day, but never did rain on us!  Logged about 210 miles and got to scrub in the new rear tire in preparation for the BBB trip.

A few pictures are here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Handlebar Risers Installed

 With the Mustang seat and backrest, longer rides are a bit tiring with the current reach of the factory bars.  I looked at a few options and decided to give the PhatRisers a try as there is great feedback on them and they are priced pretty fairly.  I got the PhatRisers I which are a 1.5" rise and 2" pullback over the factory VTX bars.  Wanted to get these installed before tomorrow "break-in" ride of the new rear tire, and before we leave for BBB next week.

Parts arrived today while I was at work, so I knocked this out in the garage just before dinner.  Took about 30 minutes, so pretty easy job.  Sorry the pictures aren't great, but I took them in the closed garage since it's raining out.  Pictures are here.


Finally swapped rear wheel/tire

As mentioned in previous blog entries... I've already converted the front wheel from the factory S model (spokes and tubes) to the C model front wheel.  I've had the new R model rear wheel for a month or so, and got a new Metzler ME880 to put on a few weeks ago.  With all the rain here the past 2 weeks, I haven't ridden the bike to the office to do the swap.

Well, today is very overcast, but not supposed to rain until 3pm or so this afternoon... so I rode in to finally get it swapped out.  If the weather holds out, I'm riding out to East Texas Burger Co. in Mineola tomorrow and I wanted to use that ride as a break-in ride for the new tire before next weeks trip to AR.

Swap was fairly easy, but with the weight of the wheel/tire combination it's definately easiest with 2 people (thanks Albie).  Getting to the axle nut and other bolts is a little tricky with the exhaust and saddlebags in the way, but not terrible.  Swap took about 1 hour including having to move the rotor over from the old wheel to the new one.


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Muenster Ride

Met my cousin Fred out in Denton (he's from SW Ft. Worth) and we headed out NW, ending up in Muenster.  I took the VTX and he was on his Harley.  Weather ended up holding for us (no rain!) and the temps were pretty good (just a little humid).  Logged ~200 miles.

Lunch stop...

More pictures are here.

Friday, September 04, 2009

New Driving Lights & Custom brackets

It's been proven that having auxiliary driving lights helps other cars on the road see you better and they perceive you as a "larger" vehicle vs a regular motorcyclist.

Like many others, it's hard to give in and spend $250-350 for an aftermarket light bar and lights.  A common less expensive option is to use a 12v halogen 50w light kit from Wal-Mart which can be had for ~$15.  The problem then is mounting the kit on the bike.  With the help of my friend Bob, we machined up some simple to use brackets that look good and don't detract from the look of the bike or clamp onto the forks.  Bolt them up using 2 stock bolts on the factory signal light bar and they are ready to mount the aftermarket lights.

Most bikes also have an extra plug inside the headlight assembly for a lightbar.  I tapped into that harness and ran those leads to a relay which control the driving lights and allow you to run full power lights by wiring them directly to the battery.  The relay simply acts as the switch from the factory wiring.  When your high-beams are on, the driving lights go off.

More Pictures are here.