Friday, August 28, 2009

Speedometer/Odometer accuracy

Like most motorcycles... the speedometer on the VTX is off.  However, rather then the typical 5% or so, it is 9.9% off.  This prompted me to do some additional testing of the odometer as well.  After a few rides it was determined that the odometer is 5.3% off as well!  So the bike has less miles on it then the odometer claims. 


Today, at 9770 miles (9253 corrected miles),  I installed a solution... the SpeedoHealer by HealTech Electronics.  Found a real good deal from someone selling one on the VTX forum.

Just got back from a test ride and the odometer is right on with my GPS reference!  The speedometer is now only off about 4% or so, which is certainlly tolerable.  At an indicated 65 mph, the GPS is claiming 63 mph.  At indicated 80 mph, 77 mph.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chrome Fender Inserts

 Seems I forgot to make an entry for this...  but I put chrome fender accents on the VTX.   They are available now at Mobile Image.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rivco Highway Pegs & Vista Cruise throttle lock

Finally got a few more parts in and got them installed on the VTX.

First up is the Rivco Highway Peg mounts and pegs.  I looked at a lot of options since I didn't want a highway bar on the bike.  These seemed to be one of the cleaner looks and had a lot of possible adjustment.  They work well so far, but I'm sure there will be some minor adjustments as I get used to them.

Next is the Vista Cruiser throttle lock.  As much as I'd prefer to have a nicer looking system, there is no way I can justify $130-190 for one of the nicer looking competing systems.  I'd go with an electronic cruise control for ~$90 before I'd do that.  However, for ~$30, the Vista Cruise works fine for my immediate needs.  I've used them on my sport bikes for years... of course, the black plastic against the black of those bikes doesn't look out of place, versus against the chrome on the VTX.