Thursday, June 25, 2009

Repairs have begun

Well, was able to find some replacement parts pretty quickly. Some have already arrived, some are coming, and some deals still need to be found Iended up finding a left side rear set for $55 shipped, which also included the shifter and shifter linkage. I'll be able to sell those for between $30-40, so total cost for repairs Ineed on the rear set should set me back maybe $15-25.Also found a perfect condition tank cover for $75 shipped which was another steal. Mine wasn't damaged that much, but...

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Lack of blog entries & AR trip

Been slacking on my Blog entries here again. One reason is it's been pretty darn hot so far this June, and we had quite a bit of rain, etc in May. Busy on most weekends which has kept me from quite a few Arkansas trips and Track days.However, Iwas able to make an Arkansas trip this past weekend. We stayed up in Eurkea Springs with plans to ride the AR side on Friday, and the MOside on Saturday. Day started off nice (although highs of 91) hitting some of the regular great roads. Here is some video...

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