Saturday, January 03, 2009

1st Ride of 2009

Well, it's been quite a while since I've gotten out and done a ride.  Just been busy with work, family on the weekends, holidays, etc.

However, today's weather demanded a ride    Temps started out in the upper 60's, and it hit mid 70's by the time we finished up around 1:30pm.  Great weather for Albie, Matt and myself, even if we only did about 150 miles or so.  Stopped at our great little mexican place for lunch in Leonard.

Oh... I also noticed my rear end was getting real loose before we got to lunch, so I pulled over.  Sure enough, a nice gash in the rear tire.  Luckilly we were only about 1/2 mile backtrack from the last gas station.   They had a plug kit and air, so after a few minutes there, I was good to go (phew!)   So looks like I'll be putting on the new Pilot Power I picked up the other day sooner then I thought