Sunday, September 30, 2007


Since I didn't get to ride in AR this weekend, I took the DRZ and headed out on  the TSBA SMR.  Logged about 220 miles and had a good ride.  Stopped at our usual Mexican place in Leonard for lunch and then finished up our ride.  8 of us started the ride, 6 of us went on to lunch.  Sorry, I didn't take my GPS and log this ride.

Arkansas Trip

Left Friday morning heading to Clarksville, AR for a weekend of riding with TSBA, etc. I trailered up my bike since Albie was going to ride up Saturday night and we were going to ride Sunday and a bit monday, then trailer back monday.Around 4.5 hours and 300+ miles later I arrived at the hotel. Luke had followed me up in his truck with his bike in the back as well. BJ was already there and geared up... we quickly unloaded our bikes and right about when we were going to leave, Sheyi showed up too....

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

CBR Maintenance Time

Well, have over 30K (30,501 miles) on the clock on the CBR now, and it's been a while since I did some of the needed maintenance. Plus we are leaving Friday for another Arkansas trip.Pulled the bike apart last Saturday and worked on it Monday and today. Here are a few pictures. On the list of things to do was: Replace spark plugs with new NGK's Replace fuel filter Clean K&N air filter Remove, pull a part and clean carburetors Check valves (decided to wait until winter) Oil...

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


I had Sunday free so I posted up a DFWSBO Meetup Ride for today.  8 of us headed out and did around a 140 mile loop.  Weather held out nicely... not too hot, and rain didn't come.  I was on the DRZ Supermoto, and Matt brought his Husky 610SM out as well... so 2 of the 8 were on Supermoto's :)

Here is the Motionbased GPS Map/Log

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Today was our first official SaMR with DFWSBO. We had 12 riders total this morning and we headed out a bit after 9am. Since this was the first time many of us had ridden together, we planned a fairly tame pace and a shorter route (125 miles or so).About 20 miles in, we had our first accident. One of the members about mid pack was in a turn and went a bit wide... ended up hitting the grass and then lowsiding. Luckilly, he just missed a pole/sign by about 2 feet! Bike wasn't too bad, the F4i's left...

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Branson Trip

There was a Grand Prix event (my ClubGP members) up in Branson, so I got Albie to come along with me for some riding.Arrived Friday mid afternoon and went straight to the track (1/4 mile track rented for the car event). Saturday was the car show, but Albie took the KTM and headed out to a national park to ride in the dirt, etc. It rained off/on all day Saturday, so Albie cut it short, as the park was very rocky, and now wet and slippery.We woke up today (Sunday), to dry roads, and a quick check...

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