Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Latest DRZ Pictures

Nothing too exciting... but took a few more recent pictures of the DRZ after changing out the Acerbis tank from yellow to black, and doing the new swing arm graphics.  Pictures are here.  Here is a teaser though...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

SMR on the DRZ's

Albie and I headed out a little later today and did about 170 miles or so on our DRZ's.  Destination today was Grandpappy's Point (club & restraunt) over on Lake Texoma.  Apparently it was closed down for remodeling since the lake flooded the lower floor and patio of the place, but they never updated their web site with that information!


Saturday, August 25, 2007


I led a ride out today doing one of the modified Wolf City routes.  5 of us went, and weather was just about perfect.  Overcast and mid 80's to 90 degrees.  Food at the newer Mexican place in Leonard was good as was the service.  Did about 220 miles today.  Sorry, no GPS log this time, as the GPS was acting up on me a bit.


Sunday, August 19, 2007


Weather was holding out, so I went out and did the SMR w/ the TSBA this morning.  Actually, I ended up leading.  We ran into the DFWSBR group out at the Wolf City gas station too.  Temps were good and we never got any rain.  The Pilot Power feels alot different on the bike then the Road's I'm used to.  Not bad, just different.

Ended up doing just over 200 miles, and stopped at the new Mexican place in Leonard.  Good food and good people there... definately be going back.  Here is my MotionBased GPS Map/Log.

CBR Rear wheel bearings and tire

Well, as I noted last Sunday, one of the bearings on the rear wheel was pretty sloppy, so I went ahead and popped both sides out (Thanks for the help Todd!).  Ran up to the dealer and picked up 2 replacement bearings (didn't want to wait and order online), and $40 and a little work later, I had them replaced.  Just over 29K on the bike.

Also took one of the low miles (200?) Pilot Power's I had at the shop and patched the small hole it had and threw it on the bike as well.  I want to hold out and replace my rear tire with the new Pilot Road 2's when they come out.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8/12 SMR

Was going to be real hot, so I headed out just before 8am and went and did the 8am TSBA SMR Sunday. Planned on a fairly short ride due to the heat, but it ended up even shorter.Going through the curves, the bike started getting real loose, so I slowed my pace way down, and pulled off when I could. The others came to me as I got off the bike to see what was going on. It was immediately obvious that I had a flat rear tire. Michael had a plug kit, and Ben had a compressor, so help was there (Thanks...

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Ride on the DRZ

Albie and I took our SM'd DRZ's out this morning and did around 140+ miles.  Started out with TSBA, then on our own, then ran into Todd and a group from DFWSBR.  The bikes did great out there with the sport bikes... of course, the straights were a bigger issue then the curves.  Seems the bikes comfortable top speed is around 90, with peaks closer to 100.  I tried to keep it more in the 80-85 range on the straights.  Butt is a tad sore from the dirt bike seat again.

Motionbased GPS Map/Log is here

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hit the curves on the DRZ

Decided to finally take the DRZ out on some of the twisties I normally hit on the sportbike this morning. Only did 85 miles, but was a good break-in test... especially for my butt! Perhaps I do need to go ahead and order a Renazco seat :)Pace in the curves was at least as good as I'd be on the CBR, but I know I had alot left in the DRZ. Main problem is just the gearing. As it's setup right now, I probably top out around 90-95mph, but don't typically take it up that far as that's pushing the bike...

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Trailtech Vapor installed on DRZ

I have had a Trailtech Endurance computer on the DRZ for years, but now that the DRZ has been SuperMoto'd, and I'm riding it more on the street, I wanted something a little better. The Endurance is battery powered (internal) only, so the backlight only works for 2 seconds at a time, which isn't great for night riding.The Trailtech Vapor has an internal battery, but also wires into the bikes 12v system. The Vapor has many added features as well. Such as tach, water temperature (with alerts), programmable...

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Scotts damper installed on the DRZ

The DRZ has always has some headshake when riding on the street at higher speeds.  I picked up a Scotts damper which was discounted nicely at CycleGear, and also had them order a mount for the DRZ.  Picked it up today and installed.  Took maybe 20-30 minutes, so not too bad.  Pictures are here.  I'll post some updates on how well it works soon.