Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mounted rear rack & bag on the DRZ

I finally got around to getting a rear rack for my DRZ-400E. I found that CycleGear's Frank Thomas tank bag was a perfect fit for the rack. Here are the picturesTank bag worked perfect, and expands to work even better!

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Wrench night

Had a few people come by the shop last night to do some maintenance and hang out. I was way overdue for an oil change, so I did that (as always using Honda HP4 gold synth oil and Honda filter). With 28,400 miles on the CBR, I went ahead and added in some Sea Foam as well. I also adjusted, cleaned and lubed the chain as well. Definately feels better after a little basic maintenance.We did a few tire changes, another oil change, and just hung out. Afterwards a few of us went over to Twin Peaks for...

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

6/10 SMR

Was able to go on the TSBA SMR (Sunday morning ride) today. Good turn out of 12 bikes (13 people), but it definately got warm! Did about 206 miles. Left a little after 8am, and got home about 2pm. We stopped for lunch out in Leonard. Here is the Motionbased GPS Map/Log.Definitely time for me to do an oil change, so I'll be doing that tomorrow night. Back end felt a little odd in the stronger leans, so I'll check that out as well. Perhaps the rear wheel came out of alignment a bit from the lowside...

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Importance of proper riding gear!

06/07: Thursday night, the DFWSBR group met up at Duke's in Addison for dinner. Great turnout and good conversation out on the deck. Even though it was hot! About 9:15pm, we all geared up to head down to Greenville. Since there were a lot of us, I headed to the back parking lot to just help us get spread out. When everyone else was ready, they started to roll out, but via a different direction. I headed around the back lot to follow them, and before I knew it... my CBR was sliding about 10 ft...

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cleaned the CBR

Been commuting lately on the CBR. It's definately getting hot here! I finally got around to cleaning the bike today, which really hasn't been done since late last summer! Not a real cleaning anyhow. I didn't do a full detail, but it's definately better then it was :)Here are some pictures.

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