Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trailer Updates

We picked up some zinc E-track yesterday and I started work on installing it today. It will be used for tie-down points, etc in the trailer. I put down Kilz as a sealer/primer under the areas I installed the E-track, and then bolted the E-track down with zinc bolts, shoulder washers, lock washers and nuts. It's very solid.Pictures of the E-track are here.Last week we got in a few needed parts to add 120v power to the trailer. We plan on adding a ceiling air conditioner (with heat possibly) in...

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New Enclosed Trailer

Well, about a month ago I picked up a new trailer. My friend Albie and I had been talking about finding an enclosed trailer for a while, and we finally gave in and bought a new one.We picked up a Haulmark TS6X10DS2. It is a 6'x10' V-nose trailer with rear assisted ramp door, locking side door, front stone guard, 15 wheels, upgraded drop axles, 6' interior height, roof vent and 12v light package (interior).I had shopped around and found a very good price ($2746 out the door) and great service from...

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tire changes and rides, oh my!

Well, a few members of DFWSBR planned a ride Friday, so I made some time and went along. One of our usual routes, about 170 miles or so. I got back early afternoon, so I could do some work, etc.Then Friday night I had quite a few members of TSBA come over to do some tire changes and just hang out. Many getting ready for an upcoming Arkansas trip. Many of us went to Chili's afterwards. Here are some pictures.Saturday, I threw together a last minute ride since the weather was so nice (80 degrees)....

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Monday, April 16, 2007

This weeks rides

Sunday 4/15: I don't usually do many rides on Sundays, but I was able to go out starting at 1pm today. I posted up the ride on DFWSBO, TSBA and DFWSBR and ended up with 10 people on a ride out to Wolf City. Good weather and good ride. We did have a truck try and run 2 of our guys off the road for trying to pass (legally!), which wasn't good. Also, about 40 miles from finishing, I notice my bike was getting a little squirrelly so we stopped and checked my rear tire. Sure enough, very low. Luckilly,...

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Updates: Catching up

Sorry, been doing it again! Haven't had the time to update, but still keeping busy.On March 25th, MetrichTech had the TSBA group out for a Dyno day, which was nice.On April 4th, I finally got around to installing the new 4.25 gallon Acerbis tank on my DRZ. Tank is quite nice, and install went pretty smooth. Thanks Albie for helping out. I went ahead and installed the manual cam chain tensioner (MCCT) while I had the tank off too.Let's see, back on March 17th I noticed the need for a DFW Sport...

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