Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oil Change on the CBR, etc

Well, after the ride today, I cleaned and lubed the chain, and decided to go ahead and do a quick oil change while I had the bike at my shop. Good old Honda filter and Honda Synthetic HP4 oil. Total mileage on the bike now is 23,920!I mentioned in a previous entry (last fall) that I flushed the brake fluid on the CBR. Well, it never really made a big improvement in the braking like I feel it needs. Since it's a '99 and on stock lines, I think the lines just aren't in the best shape. So my friend...

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Wed TSBA Ride

Weather was perfect today, and I was semi-free, so I posted up for a ride. I led a route for 4 of us out to Wolf City. for lunch. Left a bit after 10am, got back a bit after 2pm. A little over 140 miles, but definately nice to get out. Temps were in the high 50's when we left, and it ended up hitting 82 today. Here is the MotionBased GPS/Map Log

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

First 2007 Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. Have been busy and cold, so not riding much lately.   We did have some decent weather for 3 rides so far in 2007:

02/18/2007:  TSBA was doing their normal SMR this morning, and heading out just after 8am.  Andrew ended up posting up a 10am ride, and I volunteered to lead it and go out to Paris for lunch, as he and others wanted to go out there.  Temps were still in the 40's when we left, and got up to about 60.  Ended up being 12 of us and a good day of riding.  Most of them took a quicker way home after lunch, but 5 of us took a longer route back.  I logged about 280 miles or so.  Here is my MotionBased GPS/Map Log

02/06/2007:  Tuesday ride that Todd, Bob and I did out to Paris for lunch.  Gave Bob some break-in miles on the new FJR.  I did have to replace my battery prior to going.  I guess it just sat too much this winter.  We did about 210 miles, and temp got up to 70+.  Here is my MotionBased GPS/Map log

01/26/2007:  The DFWSBR  group did a ride today, logging about 135 miles or so.  A fairly short ride at a modest pace, but a nice day to get out!  Here is the MotionBased GPS/Map Log