Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Ride (11/10)

Sorry, a bit behind on my entries.  Did a Saturday ride out to Paris last Saturday with a few of the guys from TSBA.  Good ride, about 250 miles... leaves are finally changing colors and falling.  The RR  rolled over 1000 miles today as well.  Currently at 1026 miles.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

RAM Mount, custom mount and equipment

Finished up the custom bracket mount for my radar detector and GPS for the RAM mount.  Everything is working well, and can still see pertinent gauges on the dash, etc.

Pictures are here

Monday, November 05, 2007

Front flush signals, RAM bracket & Radar wiring

Today I got to pull most of the plastic off the RR.  Wanted to run the radar detector hard wiring under the tank cover and up to a usable location.  Taking time, the plastic came off relatively easilly.  Just have to watch for a few specific things as you do it.

After I did that, I replaced the front Honda tractor lights (signals) with flush mount LED signals as well.  Just cut the factory connector on the stock signals and soldered them onto the new flush signals. 

Also worked on a new bracket/mount for my radar detector and GPS which will mount on my stem mount RAM ball.  Will try and finish that up tomorrow.

Pictures are all here.

Saturday Afternoon ride

Led a late lunch ride Saturday with 4 of us on our usual 150 mile loop.  Good weather and good food as usual!  I now have 630 miles on the new RR after  8 days of ownership.