Monday, August 28, 2006

DRZ GPS Mount & Hand Guards

Well, moved my Moose Racing hand guards and RAM Mount GPS mount over to the DRZ400 today.  Everything fit great.  Just had to cut the end of the grips, etc.  Pictures are here.

Also ordered a few things from the ThumperTalk store.  Got a skid plate, a manual cam chain tensioner, and case covers for the DRZ.  Actually, they emailed me today saying the stuff shipped out today, so should see it soon.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

New motorcycle - Dual Sport

Well... even though I really love the KDX200, it's apparent that my knee surgery's aren't going to let me enjoy that bike and real dirt riding.

I had thought about dual sporting the KDX, but having to deal with a small gas tank, a 2-stroke engine, and having to carry/mix oil, it just wasn't worth it.  Therefore, this great bike is for sale.

I did however pick up a 2001 Suzuki DRZ-400E dirt bike, which has already been converted to dual sport with street legal tags, etc.  I think this bike and style of riding is more suited to my dirty thoughts without killing my knees.

Pictures of the new bike are here.

TWT Pie Run

Well, TWT had well over 40 (50?) bikes at the good ol East Texas Burger Company out in Mineola.  I led 5 of us out there taking as many back roads as were reasonable in order to get there by 11am from Allen.

Heat got pretty bad in the afternoon, and when I arrived home around 3pm, outside temp on the bike showed 102. 

The restraunt handed us all very well... I was actually quite suprised. We were all done and out front by about 12:30.

I clocked 246 miles on the GPS... Here are some pictures I took, and my Motionbased GPS Map/Log.

Heat and Riding

Yes, it's been over 100 here for a while, and I've grown weary of riding in it.  I did do a 180 mile ride on 7/9, and a 130 mile ride on 7/29 however.  Bike has sat so much, battery was dead on me and had to put on the old battery tender.  Sad I know.