Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th Ride

Did a ride with 12 other guys, primarilly from DFWSportBike.com.   Weather was good and we had a good ride.  Got a tad warm in the afternoon, but no rain!  Ended up doing about 140 miles or so.  MotionBased GPS Map/Log

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sunday TSBA Ride (07/02/1006)

Had a nice turnout for the TSBA SMR... 13 bikes.  Weather was pretty good considering the time of the year.  Did just over 200 miles.  MotionBased GPS Map/Log

Saturday Ride (07/01/2006)

I lead a ride out on our normal Wolf City route for a few guys from DFWSportBike.com.  Was wam, but a good ride regardless.  MotionBased GPS Map/Log

New Chain & Sprockets (07/01/2006)

Finally got around to installing my new Chain and Sprockets.  Went with stock Honda sprockets, and an EK X-Ring chain.  18,900 miles on the bike at replacement time.  Bike feels alot better now .