Sunday, May 28, 2006

Friday Ride

05/26/2006: A few guys from TSBA wanted to go ride Friday, so we made yet another run out to Wolf City to try and beat the heat.  Good ride, here is the MotionBased GPS Map/Log.

Forgot to make a previous entry as well.  Did some maintenance last week... cleaned, adjusted and lubed the chain.  Found that with over 18K miles now on the bike, it's time to replace the chain.  Leaning toward replacing it with an EK MVX x-ring chain, and also doing some new sprockets as well.  Will try and do that after the upcoming Arkansas trip.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A few Street Rides

Missed a few entries:

05/20/2006 - Saturday Ride: Led a short ride of 5 of us out to Wolf City for lunch.  Was already starting to get hot by the time we got back.  MotionBased GPS Log/Map

05/16/2006 - Tuesday Ride:  Had someone that wanted to ride, so I took em out on one of the normal routes.  MotionBased GPS Log/Map

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Riding at RRMT

Second time up to RRMT.  Bigger group from TSBA this time, partially because Darren (Hammer) is leaving to head back to the Great White North soon.  Justin came by, and we loaded up his bike, etc and headed up a bit after 8am.   Most of the others got to the park before 9am, but we arrived about 10am.  Got warm today, but riding and company was good, as usual! 

Got a little help with a throttle cable problem while out there, which was most helpful.  I also went looking for a few people from, but didn't find 'em in my short quest.

A few pictures are here.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

First time to RRMT

Well, Darren (Hammer) from TSBA and I loaded up and headed out to RRMT (Red River Motorcycle Trails) today for my first time out on the new bike (KDX 200).  Thanks Darren!

He was nice enough to give me some pointers (quite a bit different then riding street, now that I'm more used to that), and lead me on a few trail rides on some easier trails.   I did end up going down fairly good on my knee (had surgery on both knees, so they bother me at times anyhow), but was able to walk it off eventually and get back on the bike.  However, I did ride a bit tamer the rest of the day, mostly on my own.  That way Darren and the others could ride the better trails they wanted to ride.

Many of the trails were wet from the recent rain, but overall the weather was perfect today.  Somewhat overcast, and not too warm.  

Pictures are here.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Got a new bike!

Many members of the local TSBA chapter ride both sport and dirt, and have got me interested in doing some dirt riding.  Been about 20 years, but what the heck!

I was told by a few key members to look for a Kawasaki KDX if I could find one, as it would be a perfect fit for me and their style of riding.  After looking for a few weeks, I only had luck finding YZ's, so I posted up on the TSBA forum asking if anyone had one for sale.  I had two responses, and one of them was for a 2003 KDX  (Thanks Ben!)

So, now I'm a happy owner of a KDX 200, which already has just about all the upgrades you'd want on a KDX already done.  I also got an aluminum stand, oils, air filter cleaner, gas can, new set of tires, stock fenders, and more as part of the deal.  Here are some pictures.

Of course... I had to hit CycleGear and pickup the needed dirt gear as well, and luckilly had my 15% off coupon from TSBA.   Picked up some Oneal pants, Oneal shirt, Scott goggles, helmet and gloves.  Also ordered a pair of the EVS Vision knee braces.

With any luck... I might try and take the bike out tomorrow to get acclimated to it, since I don't think I can ride this weekend.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Ride

Kurt posted up on TSBA seeing if anyone wanted to ride today.  Since I worked on the bike this morning, and needed to see if the radiator fix was gonna hold, I took him up on the offer and did a route out to Wolf City.  Here is the MotionBased GPS Map/Log.