Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back from the TSBA Spring IBI

Event was fun, always good to see everyone, even though we had rain... Here's the long and short of the past 2 days.

Friday night wasn't too late, but with the forecast for heavy rain, no one rushed to get up.  Saturday, I got up close to 10am, and it was still raining outside.  Around noon or so a group of us decided to head up to the Lodge for lunch.  Of course, the rain got worse as we climbed the mountain, as did the visability from the fog.   Lunch was quite good, and even a brief drying out, we heading back to the hotel.  Even though the rain had basically let up, the fog was considerably worse.  About 10 minutes after getting back to the hotel, it started pouring again... good timing.

Later in the afternoon (4pm?), a group took a chance on the clearing and went out for a ride.  I actually waited it out, and left with a different group a few hours later for a good little ride.  MotionBased GPS Map/Log is here Had a nice steak dinner with about 12 others that night in town too.

Sunday: Most of us met downstairs about 8:15am or so to head out.  I believe 4-6 (trailered) decided to stay and do some riding, since the weather was perfect.   Most of the others headed back to Dallas, etc.  

However, 3 of us decided to do a bit of both.  We headed north, planning on adding about 250+ miles to our ride home, but getting home before dark.  About 25 miles shy of Ozark, we stopped for gas at a little station, and as soon as I got off my bike.... out pours coolant everywhere! Seems I took a rock in the radiator.  Luckilly, they had JB Weld, so while I did that we sat around for about 45 minutes, until I let the other 2 head on to Ozark for lunch.  About an hour later, I decided I had waited long enough, and was just gonna get to Ozark.  Met up with them on the way over there, and we stopped at the bridge under 40.   Looked like the JB Weld was holding, but I also left the radiator cap off to keep the pressure down.  I let them continue their path, and I started slabbing up 40.  I had a friend coming up to meet me (Thanks Brick!), so regardless of what happened to me, I woulda had a ride.  Ended up meeting him in Stringtown, and got home about 7pm.  MotionBased GPS Map/Log is here.

Awesome riding today... too bad mine got cut short.  All my pictures are here.

Friday, April 28, 2006

TSBA Spring IBI - Friday

Today we left for Mena, AR for the TSBA Spring IBI.  Got a bit wet and dirty on the way, but ride was good overall.

Pictures are here, and so is the MotionBased GPS Log/Map

Oh, I also put another Michelin Pilot Road on the back in preparation for the trip.  Had about 16,800 miles on the bike.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday DFWSportBike Ride

Axe from DFWSportBike put together a ride this afternoon so I tagged along.  Had 7 riders, and was a decent day for a ride.  Ended up doing about 180 miles.  Was nice to meet some new riders from a different group.

 Pictures are here, and the MotionBased GPS Log/Map is here.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Well, have about 16,400 miles on the bike now so did a few things today.  Was time for another oil change (Honda HP4 Synthetic as always), and also replaced the fuel filter.  I pulled the K&N air filter and gave it a good cleaning as well.

Getting it ready for the upcoming Arkansas trip in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New front tire

Well, time came for a front tire, and with the Arkansas trip coming up in 2 weeks, I went ahead and ordered a rear too.  Went with the Michelin's again... a Pilot Road for the back, and Pilot Power for the front.

Front was beyond worn, so went ahead and swapped that one today (thanks Todd!).  The bike now has 16,170 miles on it, and I swapped the front last time right after my Arkansas trip in September.  So it did pretty well!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Saturday Mineola Ride

Weather was quite overcast, but we never saw any rain!  Sadly, due to the weather, many people didn't end up coming with us.  No biggie, still a good ride, and met up with the Tyler guys at the East Texas Burger Co. for some great food and pie.

Here is the MotionBased GPS Map/Log