Tuesday, February 28, 2006


A bit behind on posting rides we've been doing... but here are a few we've done lately.

2/28/2006: Temps in the high 70's, so Todd and I took off at 10am and headed out to Paris for lunch.  237 miles. 

Motionbased GPS/Map Log


2/26/2006: Fairly nice weather, so headed out with some of the guys from DFWSBR.  156 miles. Motionbased GPS/Map Log

2/15/2006: 187 miles.  Motionbased GPS/Map Log

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Sorry for no entries... been riding, just haven't been that good about documenting them!

This past Saturday me and Brandon (from TWT) did some maintenance stuff on our bikes at my shop.  I flushed and bled my brakes, putting in some fresh Motul fluid, and also did another oil change (always using a Honda filter and the Honda HP4 gold bottle synthetic oil).

Just rolled 13,650 miles on the odo too.  Just about 11,000 miles since I picked up the bike in June.