Saturday, October 21, 2006

Street Rides

Did 2 rides this week, now that the weather is getting nice/cool. 

Wednesday 4 of us from the DFWSBR went out on a ride w/ Todd leading.  Only about 165miles, but nice short day.  Motionbased GPS Map/Log is here.

Today (Saturday), there was another group of us from DFWSBR that did a 200+ mile ride.  Was a little cool this morning, but weather ended up great.  Nice to meet some new people as well.  Motionbased GPS Map/Log is here.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

TSBA Arkansas Trip

Went out to do more sport bike riding with TSBA up in Arkansas this weekend.  We based out of Clarksville this time around as Eureka Springs was full due to a rally up there.  Most everyone was riding up Friday morning, but Todd, Dave and I trailered up Thursday so we could get 2 full days of riding in instead.  One reason I trailered was that there would be no way for my back tire to make the entire trip as it was close to needing replacing.

Todd went up early by himself, and Dave and I loaded up my trailer and headed up later in the day.  Looking at the forecast for Friday, it was going to be in the low 50's by 9am, so we waited till around 10:30am to head out (closer to high 50's).  Dave planned a route and we stuck to it and had a good day.  Most of the others TSBA'ers showed up around 6pm or so, but since we were staying at another hotel, we went over there around 7pm or so and went out to dinner.   Tire did fairly well today, but it showed more wear.

TSBA planned a long day for Saturday, and were going to leave at 8am.  We talked to James, who brought his friend Todd (Todd2?) and they planned a different ride leaving a bit later for Saturday, so Dave, Todd and I; in addition to another TSBA member Marc; decided to join them instead.   My rear tire was starting to slip on me in the turns, so I had to slow it down today, which wasn't all that fun later in the day.  I decided to cut my ride short about 40-50 miles, and Todd joined me and we headed back.  Got back to the hotel at 6:40pm, before the sun had set.  The rest of the guys we rode with that day didn't get back till about 8pm.  Apparently there was a group of motorcycles tearing up the highway pissing off some state troopers, and they somehow got caught in the middle and was detained about an hour, each receiving tickets.  They should be easy to fight if they decide to.

Tire wasn't quite showing cord, but it was darn close!  Apparently Todd2 (riding a Husky SM610) ended up wearing his D208 a bit more then I did, and he had to ride home from AR!  Luckilly, I had room in the bed of the truck to take his bike back, and Faisal2 had room on his trailer to take James' bike back as well.

Was a good time, and weather was very nice.

Friday pictures are here, and here is the Motionbased GPS Map/Log.  Saturday pictures are here and the Saturday Motionbased GPS Map/Log is here.