Thursday, September 15, 2005

New front tire

Put a Michelin Pilot Power on the front yesterday (should be a farely even wear time with the rear). Used my 15% coupon from TSBA at Cycle Gear.

Surprisingly... alot more work to do the front wheel swap then the rear. More bolts and stuff to remove, and I had to support the bike from the rafters in my shop since it didn't wanna stay on the front fork stand alone.

By the way... to limit the "new tire slickness", I cleaned the tire real well with Acetone, which helped tremendously.  And for safe measure, I even went over the tire with 400 grit sandpaper after the Acetone.  Made a huge difference.

 Bike feels quite different... and definately a lot safer.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Repairs and Tires

Well, new back tire did well on the Arkansas trip, but the front tire definately needs to be replaced now.  It's got quite a peak on it from all the curves!

I also did a little "repair" work today from the drop I did last week.  Definately looks a bit better for now.

Pictures are here.

Monday, September 05, 2005

TWT Arkansas Trip - Day 4, Monday

Well, the trip was very worthwhile.  Thanks to Scott, Jason, Gary, John, and all the other TWT'ers!

For the ride back to Dallas, we took a more direct route but stayed off the main highways.  Left about 8:30am and I got home at 3:15pm.  Total distance was ~370 miles.

GPS Map/Ride log

I ended up putting 1607 miles on the bike on this trip according to the odometer.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

TWT Arkansas Trip - Day 3, Sunday

Another nice day of riding... weather was great today! 

We had an incident up in some of the mountain curves, and a member from the Houston area lost his Triumph Sprint RS.  He walked away shaken, but otherwise in great shape.  The bike however, looks totalled.

Pictures from today

Two of the other members road about 1.5 hours back to the hotel to get the truck and trailer, and two other members stayed at the accident site with the bike and owner.

Once that was all dealt with, the remaining 8 of us continued on the ride since there was no more help we could provide.  Got back close to 8pm, with over 480 miles logged today.

Todays GPS Log/Map

TWT Arkansas Trip - Day 2, Saturday


Wow!  Definately don't know of any riding in Texas remotely like this!  The roads are definately made for motorcycles up here.  We road about 350 miles today.  I pushed the bike harder then I ever have on this ride.  So much so that it was quite sureal.  Basically felt like I was playing a video game and riding a roller coaster at the same time. :)

Pictures from the day.  Wish I could have taken some as we were riding!  Next time I'm bringing the video camera and mounting it on the bike.

My GPS logs/maps are in two pieces.  Before lunch, and after lunch.

Friday, September 02, 2005

TWT Arkansas Trip - Day 1, Friday

Some fantastic roads up here, and I definately had to push the bike down through some turns (due to my experience yesterday laying the bike down with a slick tire).  Was about 465 miles or so today.


Left this morning at 8:30am from our starting point in Mckinney.  5 of us left from there and headed out via semi back roads to New Boston, TX to meet up with Scott and a few others from TWTex.  From there we all headed up through Arkansas up to Eureka Springs.

MotionBased GPS Log/Map

Tomorrow and Sunday are the main riding days up here... in and around Arkansas and Missouri.  These daily rides should be around 300-350 miles each.

Here are pictures from today.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sidi Racing Boots

I haven't been able to decide what boots to get, but had really liked the Sidi Vertebra 2's for the money.  Well, with this Arkansas trip coming up I decided I really needed to make a decision and get some boots.

Luckilly, one of the guys from the TSBA saw that I was looking for boots, and it just so happened that his brother had a pair of the Vertebra 2 Air's for sale that he's only worn about 3 times.  Brand new condition, and my size!

I met up with him today, tried them on, and made the buy.  $255 seems to be the common price for them, and I picked them up for $180.