Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Luggage

It seems I missed a Blog entry!  With the upcoming ride to Arkansas (~1500 mile trip), I figured I needed some luggage for the trip.

I had some specific requirements in mind, which I won't bother going into, when I was looking at various pieces.  I decided on the

Nelson Rigg Fibertech Sport Luggage for my tail bag and side bags. 


No one had these in stock to really see in person, and since I wasn't really sure if I'd need the side bags or not, I decided to order both the expandable tail bag (EXP-200) and the expandable saddle bags (SSB-500).  I figured I could always return or sell the saddle bags on Ebay if I didn't really need them. 

The pricing and quality on the stuff is really nice, and I'm quite impressed so far.  Here are some pictures on my F4.  I know it's not for everyone, but should allow me to carry everything I need for any trips I do.  It's not like I have to leave them on the bike all the time!

I also picked up a Joe Rocket Blaster tank bag.  I wanted something that was fairly slim (this is 3", or 6" expanded), which could also carry something a tad bigger then 8.5 x 11.  

Bike laid down

Well, got the bike back out on the road after doing all the work on it today.  About 1 block from the office, and I'm at a stop light.  Safe to turn right, so I venture out and take the right turn.  Before I know it, I'm facing the wrong way laying on the ground.



Damn that tire was slick!  Here are pics of the damageCycle Gear nor the Honda dealer had another brake handle in stock, but my friend at Lockhart Philips is overnighting me one.

Pre Rally Maintenance and new tire

Well, a couple of the guys took a look at my rear tire last night and said the tire probably wouldn't safely last the 1500 miles this trip this weekend might be.

I had already planned on cleaning and re-lubricating the chain, and doing an oil change (including switching to the Honda HP synthetic oil), so I called CycleGear to make sure they had a tire.

Went in to my shop and got the work done and wheel off, and dropped it off at Cycle Gear so they could put the new Michelin Pilot Road on the rear.  

Here are some pics

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nelson Rigg Bike Cover

With the heat and sun here in the Dallas area, I really needed a bike cover.  Especially for at work.  Got the Nelson Rigg UV2000 1/2 cover in.  Wanted something that wasn't too big, was easy/quick to put on, etc.  For $35, so far so good.

Here are some pictures

Sunday, August 21, 2005

TWT Sunday Ride / Texoma

First Sunday that I didn't have the usual family stuff going on, so I went out and did a ride.

Rode out with some of the guys from Two Wheel Texans today out to Lake Texoma for some breakfast :)  Was a nice ride, and we left about 7:30am... well before the heat.

I ended up splitting off after "breakfast" and stopping by a friends lake house, then heading straight back.  Was about 230 miles.

Here is my GPS log/map at Motion Based

TWT Saturday Ride

Did a 250 mile route with some of the guys from Two Wheel Texans on Saturday.  Great route, good ride.... just a bit hot in the afternoon!  I split off and hit 80/635/75 on home once we got out on 20 coming back.

GPS/Motionbased Log/Map Part 1and

Part 2


Friday, August 19, 2005

New 2-piece Leathers

Well, I currently have an Icon TiMax textile jacket for summer riding here in Dallas.  I had planned on getting a leather jacket for the cooler months.

I have also planned on doing some track days.  Leather rental is between $70-100 per event, so I looked at leathers too.  Seems any of the "good" ones are in the $600-1000 range.

CycleGear had a deal going for the Frank Thomas Strike 2-piece set, where if you buy the jacket for $299, you get the pants for only $100.  Not a bad deal, especially since I can use the jacket separately on the street.  And even if the suit saves me once on the track, I'm happy for the money spent.

CycleGear had a sale last night, 10% off any deals... so I picked up both pieces (they had my sizes in stock!) for only $360. 

Friday, August 12, 2005

Custom bracket for GPS/Radar, etc.

I decided to build a custom bracket for the RAM mount I'm using on my bike so that I could hold my GPS and Radar Detector or MP3 player at the same time.

Hit Home Depot and picked up a 12x18 sheet of steel for ~$8, and my friend Ted helped me cut and bend it to work with my equipment, etc.

Here are the results (pictures) .  The bracket is attached to my lower custom plate (per one of my previous BLOG entries) via industrial Velcro, so that I can easilly remove it for storage under the seat, and also use the original plate to just hold the radar detector, etc if I dont want to use the GPS as well.

Only thing left to do is to paint it to protect it from the weather, etc.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two Wheeled Texans Meet

The Two Wheeled Texans forum had a DFW East meets West meet last night (8/10).  We had about 22-24 riders show up and enjoy each others company at a Boston's Restraunt.  Nice variation of bikes, and good conversation.

Sorry.. no pictures from me this time.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rear Turn signals


When I did the fender eliminator, I reused the stock rear turn signals.  They were a bit big, and looked out of the place.


I picked up some new mini turn signals for $16 at Cycle Gear and put them on.  Definately a nice improvement!

These pictures show the new turn signals, and I washed and polished the bike as well.

Akrapovic Exhaust


I had been doing quite a bit of research on exhaust systems for my bike.  I wasn't looking for a full system, but just a slip-on.  I don't need major performance, just needed a bit more sound then the stock exhaust provides.

I was leaning toward Two Brothers and Yoshimura systems.  Then my friend from Lockhart Philips came through again with an even better deal.  The carbon fiber Akrapovic slip on!

This system is fairly quiet compared to many aftermarket systems, but does have a great smooth note.  It also has the highest overall horsepower gain over the other systems I was looking at.

Pictures of the installation are here.

RAM GPS/Radar Detector/MP3 Player Mount


I had looked around for solutions, and didn't really find one I was happy with.  Basically, just a way to nicely mount a radar detector, camera, GPS unit, MP3 Player, etc to the bike.

I didn't want something that would always be in the way, hard or timely to remove, etc.

I came up with the following... and I must say, it works great!

License Plate Frame Graphic


Okay... this isn't much of a mod, but worth listing anyhow.  After I did the fender eliminator, I left the dealer frame, which held the inspection sticker.  Obviouslly, I didn't care for the look, so I came up with a solution.

I cut a black vinyl background, and applied a red reflective vinyl CBR logo to it, then applied to the frame.

Take a look here

Silver Accent Stripes


Overall, I like the graphics and look of the bike.  I decided to cut some silver accent stripes, and basically pinstripe them onto the bike.  I really like the added dimension it gives to the overall look.

Pictures are here

12 volt power


Since the previous owner had the bike in storage, he had added a battery maintainer.  I used this connector and built an adapter cable to provide a 12v outlet for my radar detector, etc.

Pictures are here

Fender Eliminator


The bike was stock... but I couldn't leave it that way :)

An old friend works for Lockhart Philips, and got me a great deal on a Competition Works fender eliminator and K&N air filter for the bike.


The fender eliminator really gives the bike a much better look.

Pictures are here