Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday Paris Ride

Thinking that more people would be off and available, we planned a little ride today out to Paris for lunch.  Total trip was 300 miles or so.

Todd (TWT, Richardson), Bill (TWT, Plano) and Heather (TSBA, Plano) joined me for the ride.  Headed out about 9:30am, got home at 5:30pm.  Was a good day for riding!

Weather was great, probably the last day like this of the year...  You can see the temp gauge on my bike in one of the pictures...  Here are the pictures, and here is the Motionbased GPS Map/Log.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Edom Pie Run Ride

Decided to put together a last minute Pie Run ride out to The Shed in Edom, TX.  Was a bit cool, but the ride was good.  Mostly TSBA members this time, with a few TWT'ers thrown in as well.

Tommy led us on a route he came up with, and other then a few u-turns and some small county rides, it went well :)  Three of us cut the ride short and slab'd back, since we needed to be home earlier.

Here are my pictures, and here is my MotionBased GPS/Map Logs.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Cold Weather Gear

Well, with the colder weather finally coming to the Dallas area, it's getting harder to stay warm riding.  I picked up a Fieldsheer Highland 1-piece suit and some Tourmaster Cortech Polar-Tex gloves.  The suit is normally around $270-300, but I picked up the suit from a pal for ~$200, and it's the special order red/black, vs black/gray.  The gloves were ~$50.

So far so good... but only rode in about 42 degree temps so far.  I'll make a follow up post when I try the low to mid 30's

Sunday, November 13, 2005


The San Antonio chapter of TSBA puts on a Fall IBI (nickname for Iron Butt Invitational) out in the Hill Country of Texas west of San Antonio.

I had yet to ride in the Hill Country, so this was a nice excuse to get down there.  Thanks to the efforts of quite a few TSBA members, I was able to trailer down and back, and had a roomate to share a cabin with!

Weather was okay (overcast and a little damp) on Saturday, but the roads and the ride was great.  Definately got a bit of a sore butt. The company was great, and the BBQ dinner Sat night was good as well.

I also won some Honda chain lube, an F4i hat, and a $100 gift cert. to NewEnough

Luckilly, I finally got around installing my frame sliders before the trip.  Why luckilly?  Well, a few of us stopped on a steep hill to take a few pictures.  I was off the bike taking a shot, and the bike came over on me.  Guess the incline and the pebbled surface of the road let the kick stand slide out.  Luckilly, no real damage.


Here are some pictures I took.  And here is my GPS Map/Log on MotionBased.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Frame Sliders installed

Finally got around to installing the LP Delrin Frame Sliders.  Was time to change the oil and clean the chain, so why not do it now. 

I used the laser trick to find the location of the bolts, then put the body work back on, and used a wax pencil to mark the spot that the laser pointed too.

Pictures are here.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wed Ride to Mineola

Old Paul from TWT planned a ride out to Mineola today.  Ate at the East Texas Burger Company, then they were going to do a 200 mile route after lunch.  I had to be back a bit earlier, so Todd and I did part of the route, then took a semi-scenic route back home.


Weather ended up great, which was nice compared to last Saturday's cold start.  Pictures (only a few)

GPS Data at MotionBased:  Route out, Route home