Sunday, October 30, 2005

TWT Pie Run - Hico, TX

Another excuse to ride!  TWT organized another Pie Run; this time to Hico, TX. 

Temperature was about 41 degrees when I left the house... I bought some new Cold UnderArmour underpants and undershirt to help deal with the colder temps, as well as glove liners.  All this helped, but it was still darn chilly on my F4!

I counted 39 bikes at the event, not sure just how many people.  Riders from DFW, Austin, Houston, etc were in attendance.  Pie was quite good, skipped lunch and just had 2 pieces of pie :)


Links to my GPS/Map Data at MotionBased:  Route out to Hico, Route home.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

TWT Run to the Shed Pie Run

Many members of TWT all met up in a little town in East texas called Edom.  There is a little restraunt there called "The Shed" where we all met and ate and had Pie.  I personally just had the Pecan Cobbler and ice cream :)

We had about 38 people at last count, including people from DFW, Houston, and other areas. Nice time, and nice selection of bikes.

My ride was about 130 miles out there, and about 120 back.