Tools to carry on rides

Very important to have a good tool kit put together for carrying with you on your bike for any rides of any significant mileage (or always!).

Here's what I typically carry:

  • Husky 12v air pump (uses metal gears over the plastic gears in the Slime pump)
  • Tire Gauge
  • Tire puncture kit (WalMart kit is fine)
  • Metric Socket and bit set, bit driver and 1/4" ratchet with adaptors
  • Good set of metric allen wrenches (or Swiss-army style metric and imperial allens)
  • Bunch of zip ties
  • Assorted fuses
  • Towel (I prefer microfiber)
  • Needlenose pliers (or combo tool)

This can all be packed in a pretty small space such as a tank bag, tool roll, saddlebag, etc.

Also a good idea to carry the following items as well:

  • 6' or more of tubing (useful for siphoning if you run out of gas)
  • Flash light (I prefer LED because the batteries really last)
  • Duct tape (don't need a full roll, just make a small roll and put in a plastic bag)
  • Electrical tape
  • Plastic ziplock bags (to protect items in case of rain)
  • Spare spark plug (or plugs, depending on what you can fit)
  • Spray polish for cleaning bugs off, cleaning your visor, etc (I prefer Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish)