Sunday, March 30, 2008

First few days

The Fit has proven to be a fun little car, and even though I'm not yet really trying and it's brand new... it's doing pretty good on mileage.  I have a ScanGauge II installed, and here is the info from it so far.

Day 1: 36 city miles (running around, shopping, etc).  29.9 MPG

Day 2: 35 city miles (similar to day 1).  30.2 MPG

Day 3 (today): 41.7 miles, all city (church, shopping, etc).  31.3 MPG

Not even at 1/2 a tank yet and have about 150 miles on her.  Calibration of the SG-II will be a bit better after the first fill up.  Which according to current stats... should be in another 3-4 days :)


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