Sunday, March 30, 2008

Got the Fit!

03/27/2008:  Bought the Fit!  Been looking on/off for a new vehicle to use as a daily commuter (when not using one of the motorcycles).  Really wanted to get something reliable, with good gas mileage, and that had good usable storage and interior space (especially since I sold both trucks).  

Looked into quite a few vehicles, but really narrowed it down to the Honda Fit Sport.  The next decision was just whether to get a manual or an automatic.  The manual gets a bit better city mileage, feels a bit more powerful and is more fun to drive.  However, the automatic actually was a little nicer on the highway and at higher speeds, and the manual shift controls were actually pretty nice for a car in this price range.  Plus no one else in the house drives a manual. 

I was not in a rush to buy another vehicle, but after enough research and test drives... I ended up getting an email from one of the dealers (internet sales manager) saying they had a Fit Sport 5MT (manual) in Red (which is what I wanted) in stock.  I went in and checked it out, and ended up making them an offer, which was eventually accepted.

Ended up with a 2008 Milano Red Honda Fit Sport 5MT with an EPP package (basically just a paint and interior protection package).  Nothing I wanted, and told em I wouldn't pay for it.  Also came with a cargo tray in the back, and I negotiated in the Honda HFP 16x6.5 wheel and tire package.  Also added the basic warranty package, which bumped the full warranty on the car to 6 years/70K miles, and includes 3/36 of maintanance such as oil changes, etc.   The reason I bought that package was that one of the kids may end up taking the car over at some point, and I wanted them to be protected.

Here are the pictures


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