Monday, October 03, 2016

Blinking Engine Light this morning (Coil issue)

On the way into the office today, car was idling a little low sitting at a stop light not a mile from the house. Light turns green, and the engine light starting blinking and there is a definate loss of power.   Close to a shopping center, so I pull in and park.   Scan for engine code and there is none... restart the car, rev it a little (still missing), turn it off and finally a code: P0303.  So cylinder 3 this time.   I just replaced the coil pack for Cyl 2 about 1/2 year ago, so I knew it was time for the other coil packs to start having issues.

Jumped on the phone and ordered a replacement from the Auto Zone about 1 mile up the road (in stock) and called a friend to pick me up to run and get it.  Walk in and walk out with the part in about 2 minutes.  Ran back to the car and swapped out the parts (maybe 2 minutes?).  All is good again.  Car ran great the 8 miles or so to the office.   

Car has 115K on it.  May go ahead and order 2 more and keep them in the car for when the others decide to go :)


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