Friday, November 06, 2015

Misfires and Ignition Coils

 So, for the past month or more I've noticed some slight missing at idle, especially with the air conditioning on.   Today around 4pm I had to run up the street during work to pick something up, and on the short ride I noticed some hesitation and the check engine light flashed a few times.  I got to my location, went in and did what I needed to.  Came out, started the car and headed back to the office.  It was more hesitation and now the check engine light came on solid.

A quick code check and sure enough, P0302.  So misfires on the 2nd cylinder.  The Fit now has 104,270 miles on it, and I know it's common for the ignition coils to need replacing around 100K (many have to replace even earlier).   I had replaced the plugs with factory NGK's back in March.    Reset the code and went back inside the office.

I looked around and found the factory Denso coil packs for $63 each (shipped).  Checked local quick spots for comparison, such as Oreilly's and Autozone as well.   Oreilly had their version for $82/ea, and AutoZone had theirs for $60/ea with "lifetime warranty".  I found this a little surprising with electric parts, but verified it.   Store up the road from the office had a few in stock, so I figured it was worth picking one up and giving it a shot.  Ordered online (even got to pay with PayPal) and then ran up to the store to pick it up.  In and out in about 3 minutes.  Ran back to the office, grabbed a 10mm and replaced it in about 2 minutes.

Started the car up... ran great, throttle response was good, and of course, no codes.  This was about 5:45pm, so was time to head home.  Drive home, was good.  Car felt a bit more responsive then it had lately.  So seems the probem is solved 



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