Monday, December 17, 2012

New front brakes

This past weekend the front brakes faded pretty bad on me.   Considering I had 66,070 miles on the car, I was far from surprised.  Based on my previous vehicles, and the way I drive and brake, I typically have to change front brake pads every 15-24 months.   So getting 4.5 years and 66K miles out of the factory brakes, I am very happy.

I knew it was getting close to time, and had been debating getting the Wilwood 4-piston front brake setup with 2-piece aluminum hat rotors.  The pricing on them is amazingly low for such a quality brake setup.  But the fact that the factory brakes worked so well, I decided to save the money and just stick with the factory brake setup.

Here you can see just how worn the factory pads were.... definately done.


I picked up a pair of  Wagner Thermoquiet ceramic brakes pads (same lifetime pads I've used on my other cars for years).  I also picked up some lifetime warranty Bosch QuietCast rotors.  Total cost was around $150.


After about an hour, the new brakes were on.... much improved over the worn brakes (of course).  Definately feels more like it did when new. 



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