Thursday, September 06, 2012

Folding Trailer Updates

As I've stated before... In 2008 I went from a full size 2006 GMC Sierra truck to the Honda Fit.   Not much after I added a hitch and wiring kit to the Fit for both a bicycle carrier, and a trailer.

I am using a 4'x8' folding trailer that stores upright and only takes up about 5'x2' of floor space.   It works great for those occassional duties where you need some open storage like a truck bed.

I helped 2 people move this past weekend, and it gave me an opportunity to update the sides I use on the trailer.  I mounted the sides outside the staked 2x4's to allow using more then 4'x8' of storage space on the trailer.   I also replaced the bolts and nuts I was using to attach the sides with drilled out bolts with cotter pins, plus corner stake connectors.  This allows for easier and much quicker removal/installation of the sides... which need to be removed when folding and storing the trailer.

I have under $400 in the trailer (with all new parts), and it's been a great addition to the "tool" collection.








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