Monday, September 03, 2012

Time for a new Battery

Car was getting slower to and slower to start in the Texas heat.  Finally time for a new battery.  Got 4.5 years out the factory battery and 62,200 mile.  Not bad!

The Fit uses a Yuasu Class 151R battery, which is difficult to find and expensive.   Many people have replaced theirs with a 51R class battery, which is a bit larger but can be made to work.

I went and picked up a 3 year battery (2 year replacement) for $80 and swapped it out in about 8 minutes or so.  Had to remove the factory battery box, but otherwise it dropped right in and mounted down well.  It does put a little pressure on the intake and also touches the power distribution/fuse box, but no big deal.   More CCA (cold cranking amps) and less money.

Factory battery (started removal)


Aftermarket and factory battery side by side


New battery in place


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