Saturday, June 09, 2012

HFP Wheel Blow out

This entry should be from December 13th, 2011.

Driving along 190 (tollway) from the office to a meeting I come around a truck and BOOM!  Something big in the road is right there.  

Swerved just a bit, but hit it and the car felt like it went into the air.... hit the ground hard and immediately pulled off to the side of the tollway.  Got out expected a blown tire, but no.   The tire was fine, but it blew apart the HFP wheel!

Put the spare on and made it back to the office.  Luckilly I still had the factory 15" wheel/tires (with 2 days of use on them), so I put 2 of them on the front.

Just can't justify spending the money to replace the HFP wheel that blew, and it's not repairable (according to those that do it).


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