Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Austin Fit Meet

There was a Fit Meet put together in Austin this past Saturday, so I rode down with Marcus and Jeff to check it out.  Not a large turnout, but a good little event nonetheless.  About half of us stayed the night and we stayed in the same hotel, which gave us an opportunity to hang out and talk more as well.  It was a good group.  Hit some of the nice curves around Lake Travis, which was nice.   My pictures are here

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Car Show, etc

I decided to go hit a local car show with a few friends today, so I took the Fit.  This show had quite a few exotic and hard to find cars, as well as some more regular cars as well.  Once the event got going, I popped the hood and had interest in both the car and the air horn setup.  

Had at least 4 people that were very interested in buying a similar air horn setup, so I have to finish some work on getting that tank setup into production and available.  Also showed off the versatility of the car to a few interested parties as well.  Great weather today too.