Friday, August 25, 2017

A few more issues resolved

Okay... so car has roughly 124K on it at this point.

Two recent issues:

1) Car has had a loud squeek typically right after starting it with the AC on.  It randomly happens, and thought I fixed it long ago with a new belt and new idler pulley.  But it came back recently.  Had a friends shop look at it since it was there for another item (see #2 below), and they said the "factory size" replacement belt I had put on it last time was too big.  They put a new smaller belt on, and so far it seems good (1/2 day with the car back at this point).  Hoping for the best.

2) Was heading to a customers the other day going down the freeway and BOOM, yet again.  Seemed like the same thing as last time... plug popped out and took a coil pack with it.   Made it to a parts store, got a new plug and tried to put it in.  No luck -- it wouldn't start on the threads.  Had it towed over to my friends shop and they said it looks like this time it took the threads with it when this one popped out (from cylinder pressure, etc.).  So, they did an insert and put in a new plug and all seems good.

Still have no idea what caused the plug to back out and go boom.... This isn't a common Honda issue that I'm aware off (unlike Ford apparently).   All is good again.... time will tell.

If you are in the local area... go see Joe, Kevin and the others at Solutions Automotive in McKinney or their location in Frisco if you need mechanics you can trust!