Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Replaced 2 remaining factory ignition coils

Just to be ahead of the game, decided to go ahead and replace the 2 remaining factory ignition coils.  So Cyl 1 & 4 coils were replaced.  Car has 115,800 miles as of the replacement yesterday.


Monday, October 03, 2016

Blinking Engine Light this morning (Coil issue)

On the way into the office today, car was idling a little low sitting at a stop light not a mile from the house. Light turns green, and the engine light starting blinking and there is a definate loss of power.   Close to a shopping center, so I pull in and park.   Scan for engine code and there is none... restart the car, rev it a little (still missing), turn it off and finally a code: P0303.  So cylinder 3 this time.   I just replaced the coil pack for Cyl 2 about 1/2 year ago, so I knew it was time for the other coil packs to start having issues.

Jumped on the phone and ordered a replacement from the Auto Zone about 1 mile up the road (in stock) and called a friend to pick me up to run and get it.  Walk in and walk out with the part in about 2 minutes.  Ran back to the car and swapped out the parts (maybe 2 minutes?).  All is good again.  Car ran great the 8 miles or so to the office.   

Car has 115K on it.  May go ahead and order 2 more and keep them in the car for when the others decide to go :)