Monday, September 17, 2012

Wheel Stud / Lug Replacement

Went to swap wheels/tires on the front of the car this morning... a quick 10 minute job.  However, one of the driver side lug nuts was not wanting to come off.  It was binding up, so I knew it was destined to break.


The factory rotors are held in place by 2 recessed screws from the factory, which require more then a regular screw driver to remove.  I picked up an impact screwdriver to get them off, but it didn't work on one of them.  I had to use my impact hammer to work it out. 


I used a hammer to pop the old stud out, which wasn't too bad.  Now the fun part... Apparently Honda decided that to replace the lugs, you have to pull the entire hub.  In order to keep from having to do that, I flattened one side of the head of the new stud and was able to work it into place without any damage.   

I then used some heavy washers and the lug nuts to pull the new stud into place squarely.

Was still about a 2+ hour process from start to finish... although if I had to do it again, and didn't have to run and get a tool and lug, I'm sure I could do it all in about an hour or less.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Folding Trailer Updates

As I've stated before... In 2008 I went from a full size 2006 GMC Sierra truck to the Honda Fit.   Not much after I added a hitch and wiring kit to the Fit for both a bicycle carrier, and a trailer.

I am using a 4'x8' folding trailer that stores upright and only takes up about 5'x2' of floor space.   It works great for those occassional duties where you need some open storage like a truck bed.

I helped 2 people move this past weekend, and it gave me an opportunity to update the sides I use on the trailer.  I mounted the sides outside the staked 2x4's to allow using more then 4'x8' of storage space on the trailer.   I also replaced the bolts and nuts I was using to attach the sides with drilled out bolts with cotter pins, plus corner stake connectors.  This allows for easier and much quicker removal/installation of the sides... which need to be removed when folding and storing the trailer.

I have under $400 in the trailer (with all new parts), and it's been a great addition to the "tool" collection.







Monday, September 03, 2012

Time for a new Battery

Car was getting slower to and slower to start in the Texas heat.  Finally time for a new battery.  Got 4.5 years out the factory battery and 62,200 mile.  Not bad!

The Fit uses a Yuasu Class 151R battery, which is difficult to find and expensive.   Many people have replaced theirs with a 51R class battery, which is a bit larger but can be made to work.

I went and picked up a 3 year battery (2 year replacement) for $80 and swapped it out in about 8 minutes or so.  Had to remove the factory battery box, but otherwise it dropped right in and mounted down well.  It does put a little pressure on the intake and also touches the power distribution/fuse box, but no big deal.   More CCA (cold cranking amps) and less money.

Factory battery (started removal)


Aftermarket and factory battery side by side


New battery in place