Saturday, June 09, 2012

HFP Wheel Blow out

This entry should be from December 13th, 2011.

Driving along 190 (tollway) from the office to a meeting I come around a truck and BOOM!  Something big in the road is right there.  

Swerved just a bit, but hit it and the car felt like it went into the air.... hit the ground hard and immediately pulled off to the side of the tollway.  Got out expected a blown tire, but no.   The tire was fine, but it blew apart the HFP wheel!

Put the spare on and made it back to the office.  Luckilly I still had the factory 15" wheel/tires (with 2 days of use on them), so I put 2 of them on the front.

Just can't justify spending the money to replace the HFP wheel that blew, and it's not repairable (according to those that do it).

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Towing my Cruiser / Motorcycle with the Honda Fit


I've had a hitch on my Fit for some time.... great for the bicycle carrier, and the lightweight 4'x8' folding deck trailer for the occasional run to Home Depot/Lowes, etc.

However, being a motorcyclist with both a sport bike (Honda CBR600RR) and a cruiser (Honda VTX 1300) I used to trailer my bike from here in the Dallas area up to Arkansas for rides a few times a year. I always went with at least 1 other friend and we typically towed up with their truck.

Life and business has had me very busy the past 1+ year but I'd like to do a trip back up with my wife and the cruiser. I have people I could borrow trucks from, but I'd still prefer to get 25+ mpg towing then get 13-17mpg in a truck/SUV when I'm towing 300+ miles one way.

So.... I borrowed a friends (Thanks Peter!) Kendon folding/stand-up trailer (~350-400lbs) to do some testing with the Fit. If you aren't familiar, the Kendon is an awesome light weight and low trailer, although not that cheap. 

Anyhow... went over and picked it up yesterday and towed it home (only about 10 miles or so). It was barely noticeable, and towed great! 



For the record: This is an '08 Honda Fit Sport manual trans with Tanabe GF210 Springs, Honda HFP 16" wheels, Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust, and just under 60K miles on the car. At the moment I have the factory wheels on the front (had an HFP blow up on me after hitting something on the tollway).

So this evening, I loaded up the VTX1300 (~700lbs) and went and did about 12-15 miles. There were quite a few start/stops, but I still averaged around 24mpg (according to my ScanGauge II). 





The Fit towed it quite well, but definitely felt the weight back there. Overall I was quite happy with it, as it didn't feel much different then towing our old enclosed trailer with my friends Toyota Tundra.

As of right now.... I think the Fit will handle the job well, and get me much better mileage on the trip then the 24mpg test I did tonight. Of course, some of the mountainous area's will drop the numbers.