Monday, March 31, 2008

Front door removal / Radio removal

I have some quite useful information I put in my Gallery. 

How to remove the factory radio

How to remove the front door panels

Another good day

Did 68.7 miles today of mixed city/hwy driving.  Car definately does better at lower speeds mileage wise, which of course I wasn't doing on the highway.  ScanGauge II showed 32.6 mpg average today. 

Tomorrow I'm dropping the Fit off at the dealer for them to do a few minor things, including putting the HFP wheel/tire package on the car.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

First few days

The Fit has proven to be a fun little car, and even though I'm not yet really trying and it's brand new... it's doing pretty good on mileage. I have a ScanGauge II installed, and here is the info from it so far.Day 1: 36 city miles (running around, shopping, etc). 29.9 MPGDay 2: 35 city miles (similar to day 1). 30.2 MPGDay 3 (today): 41.7 miles, all city (church, shopping, etc). 31.3 MPGNot even at 1/2 a tank yet and have about 150 miles on her. Calibration of the SG-II will be a bit better after...

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03/29/2008: Called an old pal Alan who is a great tinter I've used for probably 15 years.  He actually came over to the house Saturday morning and hooked me up.  I like to stay legal, and also like my side tint to match front/back.  Therefore, I went with 35% tint on the sides, and 20% on the rear glass.  Looks good, and will help a lot in the Texas summers.  Pictures are here.

Custom Intake intalled

03/28/2008: Decided it wasn't worth buying one of the intake kits out there.  Just not worth the cost.  I went the DIY route.  I could have done it cheaper if I waited and ordered the parts, but I picked up all the parts at Autozone.  Total cost was about $70 w/ tax etc. 

Definately adds a bit of power in the lower gears, as well as sound in the higher RPM's.  Here are my pictures.

Got the Fit!

03/27/2008: Bought the Fit!Been looking on/off for a new vehicle to use as a daily commuter (when not using one of the motorcycles). Really wanted to get something reliable, with good gas mileage, and that had good usable storage and interior space (especially since I sold both trucks).Looked into quite a few vehicles, but really narrowed it down to the Honda Fit Sport. The next decision was just whether to get a manual or an automatic. The manual gets a bit better city mileage, feels a bit more...

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