Mike's trip to CES 2001

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Sorry guys... I am not going to do a nice write-up. I really rushed through the show this year, as I wanted to see a little bit of everything. I could've spent probably a full day at each of the big companies booths, but since I didn't... I just snapped some shots of the things I thought were interesting in their own way.

It seemed there was alot of "me too" this year. Everyone getting into LCD/DLP projectors, mobile video, etc. A few quick comments off the top of my head... Sanyo really seems to be going strong with their new projectors, Alpine is going nuts with a lot of nice new products, new Marantz stuff looks very nice. Oh yea, quite a bit of "new" products for recording HD. One problem though, isn't the "industry" trying to stop us from doing that before HDTV takes off?! (sigh)

Thanks to AV Science for giving many of the Forum members an opportunity to get together for dinner Sunday night... We had quite a group there, and I got to win a DVD at the event. (grin)

New Toshiba 61HX70
61" HDTV Specs

Toshiba SD9200 DVD Player
New Panasonic Mobile
New Pansonic Mobile
Panasonic install in a PT Cruiser
Panasonic HD Optical Disk system
Sharp DVD-RW Recorder
New Harmon Kardon AVR-8000
Very nice new thin client (linux based)
HUGE Krell Powered Sub
HUGE Krell Monoblock Amp
Awesome new Lexus SC430
Lexus SC430
Lexus SC430
Lexus SC430
Marantz Amps
Nice new HDTV DLP Projector
My Dynaudio's
(I wish, $80K pr.)

Tricked out 4x4
Nice PT Cruiser
Grand Prix Pace Car
(Whistler booth?)

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